Blood Stain Streets

You ascend to the pinnacle of the highest office and words of life are beyond your control.

Containing the brutality of spoken words we believe the steps of a good man are enhanced with righteousness.

The hollow points of words descending to your character can assassinate you without a trigger.

Freedom of our birth became the freedom of your wasteland for graves to be unnamed.

Created equal in the sight of mankind our equality became hidden nights of ropes ascending from death.

Powerful in numbers for the sanctuary of our torture; trapped in the bondage of our fears has been abolished.

Collapsed in the trenches of overwhelming odds because of being born, we edify the days with literature.

Seduced with waves of demented truth on their behalf, our declaration of blackness is intensified.

When our speech became Black Lives Matter your speech became rhetoric of communism.

We are clothed with dignity and without dissimulation for our self-preservation of knowledge.

Your cancer of oppression is your validity of fear within your democracy of lies.

Educated and articulate we walk the blood stain streets of our ancestors to uphold their justice.

Written by Theodore Mosley
January 30,2017