Raiyan Asaral

Bloom, My Flower - Poem by Raiyan Asaral

I see you as delicate flower,

One that secretly blooms.

Where bees come to wonder,

Amazed at your sweet fumes.

A bee inspected you thoroughly,

He found a wound so deep.

So deep he'd be drown into misery,

A bottomless pit, a dangerous cliff.

Some said, hey! leave it!

It'll just hurt her more, stay away!

But he said, i couldn't just quit!

I need to try, I need to lift her up high.

I can't just stare and let blood drip,

A lady in pain, I just can't decline.

More if it's a dazzling flower, sweet,

Of so much importance to mine.

It's a duty I must fulfill,

A mission, I accepted.

A conviction done at will,

A juncture, inevitably fated.

My flower, allow me to help you,

I offer everything for your happiness' sake.

This is not that much, true,

But this is heart-filled risky stake.

I see thorns inside, of great number,

It tears my soul apart.

How could they leave you in slumber,

Excruciating, damn feeling, pains my heart.

Let me be, my flower,

I will take care of you.

Hold you close by my arms, forever.

I can wait, I'll be on the queue.

I will lift you up,

I'll cleanse you, purify you, love you.

I will let you bloom,

For the world to see, not to consume.

Your my flower, my one and only.

I am your bee, one in a million.

Just let me be, I'll love you truthfully,

I'll wait even years comes to billion.

Bloom, My Flower.

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, February 12, 2013

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