Blubber Visits The Dance Hall Poem by Herbert Nehrlich

Blubber Visits The Dance Hall

Rating: 1.8

At first I thought she waltzed,
but then I saw the error of
my observation powers.
She waddled, all that blubber,
garnished with shoulder pads,
covert suspenders and duct tape,
size called 'infinity', a wave
of air preceded the mass,
mostly the temperature was high
but in the noise of raucous laughter
it was hard to tell what happened.

Yes, men were at her feet, all over
the dancing hall, though hardwood
on a polished floor is without comfort.
No one was able to keep standing,
it was too much to grin and bear.

Majestic gestures emanated, clearly,
there was confusion as to the identity
and origin, was this thing human then?
And, in the end it was decided that
it had been good to have this episode,
though fleeting pay its short visit,
although the most intriguing part
about the thing, consisted of its skills
to speak of things that human beings
hold dear, some raunchy stuff included.
And all were shocked, though pretty glad
when hardwood planks did give and cracked,
and Blubber sank to vanish through the hole,
from where some devils must have grabbed
to commandeer the energy, all the triglycerides,
not food for thought but something quite substantial.

Linda Preston 23 July 2005

Herbert, This is brilliant! And it does bring to mind a certain person of our mutual acquaintance. Perhaps, long red fingernails (false of course) would have completed the picture.Keep writing.

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John Tiong Chunghoo 22 July 2005

waltz haiku ---- she waltzes her skirt dances round his loins

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