Blur Poem by Kelly Kurt


Rating: 5.0

Hurtling through space at unfathomable speed
A comet appears as a stationary blur
The naked eye discerns it this way
Hurtling through life at unfathomable rates
Has the same consequence
Yesterday; it seems, I was playing in fields
Today; I was on-line
But a blur to most

Wednesday, July 8, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: life
Susan Williams 17 March 2023

a darkly fascinating poem---gave it a hundred thousand stars

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Susan Williams 17 March 2023

we are all riding a runaway horse but no one seems to notice or, having noticed, is willing to put an end to t.

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Susan Williams 17 March 2023

hurtling through space------each word is painting a fearsome picture of our precarious present and our even more precarious future

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Smoky Hoss 14 December 2020

So true; very good. Passing through we are, at the incredible, before-you-know-it gone, speed of life! Playing in fields out of doors, is the best... Nice poem!

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Jayatissa K Liyanage 08 July 2020

From yesterday to Today, the kind of change taken place in terms of events, modes, effects and so forth is unimaginable, incomprehensible and unfathomable. This is the non-permanency of things in life expounded in Buddhist Philosophy. You have depicted it profoundly using a simple life experience. Very philosophical indeed. Great stuff Kelly. Thanks for sharing.x

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