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Boom, Bust, Money Lust - Poem by Colin Coplin

Boom, bust, money lust, all that glitters fades, or rusts
Sixty trillion hard earned dollars lost, as share markets take a blood bath
Institutions preaching temperance, like seven evangelic drunks at Christmas
Keeping the junkie hooked up, to an adrenaline rush, don't know whether to cry or laugh

Greed is good, when your at the top, masters of the economy who forgot, what they were taught
Counting the economic cost, what good is it to you when you've lost the lot
Chained to trouble, toxic debt, mounting problems, no real regret, better yet
Pay them a bonus, we'll soon forget, they'll be back next year with an even better bet

Kicking the can down the road, housing finance, banks foreclose
Few show courage, a bonus to lose, even fewer show knowledge, counting toes
National economies dissolve, Bad money drives out good, souls are sold
It's not clear, what you fear, the credit crunch, or the cure

Protocols of derision, masters of the economy, subdivision
Politics of division, lead to attrition, No magic formula, only tough decisions and unison
Born in the ashes of recession, lie the seeds to future succession
Class anger, erupts into class war, while the choice of leadership is poor

Helpless governments, worried families, Sacrificing themselves on the alter of unity
Both Looking ahead to a future of redundancy, history will look back with disgust
Gilt edge uncertainty, is widespread, The industrial revolution is all but dead
Consumers chill, Income disparity, the right to work no longer holds gravity

Money talks, bullshit walks, infected with rabies, the bull now snorts
Like Mephistopheles, Money went crazy, and robbed the future with stupid money

Rain wash over me, cleanse my body, set me free
Rain wash over me...

Copyright Colin Coplin 2012

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, August 15, 2012

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