Bowl Of Hope Poem by Gladys Ombati

Bowl Of Hope

A bright day, served with a great bask
Brings with it an uncertain task
The blue sky, crystal clear
Showing off God’s magnificent canvas
Makes the atmosphere an infinite paradise
And like a glowing mother-to-be,
After great hours of intense labour;
Delivers unto us an indescribable sunset

So exciting, with toppings of beauty, is the view
The heavenly blanket gives you
With it comes darkness most feared
Mother moon and her lazy stars
Make the glistening scene a wonder
Deep within, a thought races; just how
The once-a-while-ago sky full of bright rays
Gave way to a beautiful gloomy look!

A dormant ocean, across the beach
Amazing beauty within my reach
In awe, I feel the gasping waves
Crawling to the shore and back.
Just as is the pattern of my heartbeat
The endless acetylene blue of the waters
Brings with it a softness and warmth
To my heart and eyes viewing it

In a moment, I see the ocean in rage,
The waves racing as though for a wage
Palm trees on the shore, wave to me
In sync with the ocean and winds
All initiating an awesome cruel moment
Oh how wonderful, that in just a moment
Of calmness and beauty, the ocean would give way
To show its strength, might and wrath
And create such a dangerously beautiful view.

Such is our own God-given world,
That seems to be going bald
Of morals, kindness and love; yet
I am needed to be a person so full of grace
A person so free and responsible of my duties,
Tough as they may be, I am held accountable.
I ought to be God’s magnificent canvas and ocean
To leave a better place, though dangerous.
For this is the bowl of hope we all need,
To keep us going for the better.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: hope,love and life,moral teachings,morality,nature,sad
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