Surprise... Poem by Gladys Ombati


I loved him and him me;
Unexplained it was
Everyone knew it, and I liked it that way
It was exclusive; every passing day.
Save for the surprise…

He opened my eyes to the world
For he taught me;
How to receive the best and the worst;
That to be happy you have to forgive fast
But then, he had a surprise…

This man, he was perfect, in his way.
Matters kindness, his life was an example
Our love grew; days to years,
His strength; Oh, I had no fears.
In love, only not filled in for the surprise…

Things started to change, they always do
Another vector life took; and this man,
He gave in. I still don’t understand
How my warrior gave in. such a painful stunt;
And I, had to conform to the surprise…

“Keep on keeping on;
Life is tough, but you are the best.”
Well, my wish is that this saying
Could only be affirmed before your parting
I’m sad. For death was the paining surprise.

(Lots of love daddy)

Tuesday, August 18, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: love and loss
Phanice Wamukota 19 August 2015

Awwww, he lives on in our hearts though. Nice one.

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Gladys Ombati 19 August 2015

He does. thanks a lot Phanice!

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Kelly Kurt 18 August 2015

A sad but nicely written poem, Gladys Thanks for sharing Peace

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Gladys Ombati 18 August 2015

Thanks Kelly, and thanks too for taking your time to read. I appreciate.

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