Boy Should I? Poem by Mz.Honesty Only

Boy Should I?

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You say you love me...
But boy should i beleive you?

I caught you cheating with you ex...
Should i pack my s**t and leave you?

You said it happened once, you'll never do it again...
Yeah right! should i believe you?

I know i love you deep in side...
But boy do i need you?

I need to be loved...
Should i teach you?

Or should i be sorry i ever knew you?
Tell me boy.... 'Should i? '

Savannah Moe 24 January 2008

If a guy is a cheater he is always a cheater but its what ever you feel like doing, its not my choice.

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Tash Walsh 22 January 2008

iike the fact u tell it like it is thats the way it should be fantastic and i can defiently relate!

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Saira Sms 21 January 2008

wow u were right this does have alot to do with what i've been going thoguh expcet i was kind of the ex the guy was going off witn claiming to his girl it would only happen once when he's inviting me over again. that girl is still staying with him and i wish i could tell her all this but i don't even know her. all i can do is hope he's nice enough to tell her if something happends again.

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Chaotic Life - Curly M. 19 January 2008

nice poem i know how you feel because i've been through it if ur bf cheats on you..then just let go of him and get find anoter bf that you know you can really trust to answer your question: no you should not believe him anyways I just want to wish you good luck hope you find a another boy that you really can trust ; -P

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Dislocated Heart 15 January 2008

once a cheater always a cheater. i might be young but my experience has taught me that. its best if you left him. you might feel heartache for couple of days. but everything will pass and you will love again. good luck. best wishes to you.

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