Break Of Dawn Poem by Dorothea Gift Of God

Break Of Dawn

The sun caught me again, but the mistake was the fact that I, made no mistake. But to mistake me for the.... free.
I've ruined nothing but time, time that caught me at the pitchers clock, a clock with no finished game. I've become a slave to the unknown, to the known, the missed placed, I am the hidden bar, a drink with no taste, a missed placed waterless ocean free flower. I am hidden amongst millions with no reason to hide for the eyes have never seen nor their ears have heard a foot step from my heels, for each of my steps are missed placed. I belong to the trees to the clouds to the oceans yet I still lay my feet beside the sound the drum and movement that doesn't move me, but it disown me. I parted myself from the atmosphere and tormented myself to pretend I love to breathe here, in this misplaced minded life. Yet a million sq ft for all 4 walls and whence I enter with only 100 people inside, but my flesh and mind doesn't fit here. But for this moment only I'll drag my mind out of the shell in whence it stands. Suns catch me but I'm never caught just misplaced again, in their atmosphere. A burnt dancer........... fall OUT

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