Breaking My Heart Poem by Allen Keith Turner

Breaking My Heart

You are very good at breaking my heart
Like a master, making fine art.
You do it with such style & ease
You always leave me weak in the knees.
You know exactly how to do it,
Exactly what to say.
You know exactly the best time,
on each & every day.
No matter the words I say to you
You break my heart right into.
I don't know if you understand my pain,
The suffering I've done makes me insane.
I've tried to be a part of your life,
but you don't want my love at all.
I feel your trying to tell me,
There's no need for me to call.
When did you become an unloving soul,
Where did you learn to be so cold?
You say everything will be OK,
I can't take a broken heart, one more day! ! !

Cindy Marie 09 May 2007

It's a sad poem but really good.

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Angel Sixx 01 May 2007

This poem is very good - I can totally relate to it. Its almost like you wrote it about my life - LOL I can feel your pain and it brings back the hurt I felt not so long ago. Keep up the great poems - you are very talented.

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