Faeo de Lyre

Rookie (16th August 1989 / Isseke - Ihiala)

Breast And In Crack - Poem by Faeo de Lyre

The center commands the balance; thus,
Intil her submits all sinew __ this heart.
She holds the place __ the central part,
Live capital defence, perfidious.
O Heart! The mother-human, perilous
Yet handsome; if the prim-rose path
And the siren song too, in the art,
Intil you __ so, makes you the core us.

There art the box and buttons intil
This anatomy; thus, kiss her. Married
With the science, cast him bedded
And this empire be fell; life will
In whole, quake. Have! Our achilles heel.
Do I thus lied? Buy unsullied,
The heart, some flowers and have gilded,
The entire hold, scent in the idyll.

Do not break the heart in that, about
Sunk in shell. Break her then and have
The anatomy in entire, fold. Carve
For her intil the fragile; yet, doubt
Not early, her sinew but rather scout
For her dregs. She is wont to starve
Of shelter not, by any reserve;
Hers is but a kiss intil the mouth.

She breathes beneath the live skeleton.
Penetrate her and the composition
In whole be won. Who can mention
From the heart, a life? Would anything
Lively else? There surrounds wanton
Therefore. This grand central section!
Life is where she keeps; this portion
Is at stake and runs a marathon

Intil the breathing. She is the life;
Where this heart, surrounds life. In her
Lies all life can boast of so far.
What you call your life, let from a strife
But a mere want, can twist the knife
In the wound __ where she built, to jar
Every bone of you; it can thus mar
This building. She is but a wife

Intil the science. The science works
For the heart. He is her door and
Window. This heart shall borne in hand
Nearest life but she is, that talks
At the end place of life and walks
Intil the science and memory to stand
The motion of any gravity. Land
A beat, and bid in best of lucks

Abide it, on your heart, for the soul
In this heart of the life. Thus, do
Not be careless of keeps. This sinew
And store is but a risk; a hole
Intil the heart. Life is thus, in whole,
At stake. But for the faith may true,
Of a container, the chest, who
Mid the science and the heart, sole,

Shuttles. For this perfidy, life should
Thus scary hence his hand shakes and does
Not promise worthy; thus did colours
In conflicts intil the greatest hood
Of his enemy __ inevitable. Could
Your territory, Life! For the doors
Of faith, upon security? Because
Of the pigeon-liver heart of my hood

In doubts. But be the heart, the last
Coigne of keep, thus did man a man.
When shall the heart and in crack, can
Life, undone and exposed, hold fast
From the harsh atmosphere and cast
Back proud? You bore a leviathan
Of all errands, O Science! Fan
And forerun this anatomy in vast

And intil the heart for store, by your
Gravity; do thus, cut copies in trim
For saves else. Yet, let her not seem
To possess proud, that life is want for
But make her think. Even, send forth more
Under another's key; make not a team
For a bunch of keys, yet to dream
Nomore at ease, but transfigure

Your faith from the heart. But have it!
She is yours and shall make the most
You. Dare not or give up the ghost
Intil doubts. Be stood then upon, in bit
O Science! That you are close with
This egg-shell fragility in host,
Of this defence __ the heart. To boast
Of her tenderness and in beat,

Marry her, connubial inti care-full.
Bear her hard but inevitable
Fate but believe intil the sensible,
To advise her for longer. Pull
A choice at her holding but tool,
And remember she cannot able
Or well, bear over her unspeakable
Charge, but stoical. Alas! Strict in rule

Intil fed. But if all faith be hid
in the heart, what will life and upon
Breakages? If conscious, hither and yon,
Of life, time and quality indeed,
Should at ease, my love intil succeed,
Upon delivery and faith or on
More or my reluctance hereupon
To make the heart my holder? Heed!

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