Faeo de Lyre

Rookie (16th August 1989 / Isseke - Ihiala)

Faeo de Lyre Poems

1. Ash-Black 2/29/2012
2. I Am Careless 2/29/2012
3. Sadist 2/29/2012
4. Half For A Brother, Prisoner 3/19/2012
5. Old Wisdom 3/21/2012
6. Oedipus 3/31/2012
7. Breast And In Crack 4/5/2012
8. Poesy In Heaven 4/6/2012
9. Poesy Literary 4/6/2012
10. Purple Friday 4/9/2012
11. Kiss Me 4/16/2012
12. Seduction Is Not From The Village 4/16/2012
13. Intil His Holiness 5/1/2012
14. Stoical But Strict-Fed, I Forgive Not Red. 5/1/2012
15. Modelling 5/4/2012
16. War And The Igbo Laureate 5/12/2012
17. Deliver Me! (Now We Are Free) 6/3/2012
18. Lazy Rooms 6/11/2012

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Best Poem of Faeo de Lyre

I Am Careless

Not in my secret but better friend as
Enemy, hold me now you can; jump that neglect
Not. Slain intil easement and fragile intil pass.
My goin' has b'gun and on; and of my pace
Not clear but wont to valour and solace

Nor though the b'holders made forth twosome but
Ne'er oblig'd lone in the personal and
Yet can but an, thus at the loss in knot.
The mask too is not but worn unto any sense
But keep from the reflection, in d'fence,

Of the face's perspective, the all-body. Thus,
Makes and meets the arisin', the brow, and come
But indefinite I am of the ...

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Old Wisdom

This sinew of yore, from this day, made
And cannot forerun my heros past.
Playin' 'round nature, as array'd,
Science of date shall but breathe last
Intil a certificate; in that shade,

Let affairs afar, away but greener
Breed. Intil my machine, best; produce,
Recycle and reproduce the inner

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