Breathe Poem by Iris Blue


Rating: 5.0

In grass the cows have not yet found
she nests, cross legged in a yogic pose
inhaling the exile circumstance imposed
exhaling the breadth of this bittersweet life
while waiting for night
to fall from a sky
far bigger than any she’s known.

A taffeta ridge of needling pines
tatters the hem of a tie-dyed sky
where another new moon
wanes the time that divides
as the back of day greets front of night.

Mourning the ones her heart never left
she’s held in the grains of twilight’s grip
clinging to all she can no longer reach
like the fence lines that contour this abstract relief

of shelf shifting slips now saddled by shade
skid sites and scrub and limbs sawn and shaved
underground streams and the echoes of names
that resound round the hills
connecting the brave

She rises, now balanced, stretching up into tree,
arms branch, she stands tall,

and continues to breathe...

Jim Hogg 30 November 2013

Breathing is undeniably good, but this is better... This life, with its many sorrows and some joys, is so hard to encompass in a few lines, but here, as ever, you do it potently, movingly and (your word) tangibly - in the fullest emotional sense. You open other minds to yours and to the lessons/meaning of your experience Justine, and that, for me, is central to good writing. Words can be barriers or gateways. You always manage to make yours gateways, and, breathing on, you open a new gateway... xx

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