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Hanging in the air like discordant minims
silence speaks the words unspoken,
the words to confirm their love lies broken -
shattered beyond repair.

When gaze meets gaze and souls are thus exposed
And two hearts beat and syncopate as one;
Is this the start of love’s true tale composed,
Or just a transient moment soonest gone?

No bearings required
instinct is his guide
as the hunter tracks back to his love.


A mute of white swans
raft into dawn's blush
behind the blind's
hidden stare,

From a teardropp stung source
a boundary is born
as clear waters course
a darkness unknown.

In grass the cows have not yet found
she nests, cross legged in a yogic pose
inhaling the exile circumstance imposed
exhaling the breadth of this bittersweet life

Through a tungsten mist
drifts a discourse of light
startling the swallows,
silhouetting their flight

Whilst the low slung sun broods
and the mottled moon awaits
night’s curtain call,
I curl up on the edge of sleep

Hand written words speak from thy gentle heart;
Each scribed to stir my hopeless heart’s desire.
They echo all I feel though we’re apart;
A star-crossed love that destiny conspired.

The Best Poem Of Iris Blue

Twilight Reflection

As twilight mutates
A skein of thoughts fledge
Silhouetting reflection

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Jim Hogg 16 February 2012

Your poems... they're very short..

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