British Serfs Are Inherently Quite Stupid And Always Will Be! Nowt Surprising About That! Poem by Professor Dr. Stanley Collymore

British Serfs Are Inherently Quite Stupid And Always Will Be! Nowt Surprising About That!

By Stanley Collymore

Oh the exuberant joy! On day 150,
and counting, of where Kate
Middleton actually is, at
least the likeminded bone idle William
does a single appearance and seems
to be happy! So, who basically needs
any quite obviously, current updates
or any effectively genuine authentic
and not photoshop photos on Saint
Waite Katie, with those distinctively
and evidently, quite unquestionably
protracted and simply undoubtedly
significantly distinctly antagonistic
divorce proceedings, so seemingly
having made, that clearly requisite
breakthrough? And moreover also
when these dutiful serfs, subjects,
peasants; and very ostentatiously
fawning plebeians - generally, call
them what you will - for they're all
the fucking same very essentially
brain-dead idiots, in all but name;
can childishly pathetic as normal
speculate and likewise both Daily
Mail and other MSM encouraged;
play the palace's contrived game.

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
9 May 2024.

Author's Remarks:
No greater idiots than those that clearly pathetically regard themselves as quite clever; and Britain is clearly inundated with such people rather delighted to be feudal serfs, in this the 21st Century!

As for the Windors: their highly, and as well pathetically and quite endearingly also worshipped; discernibly unelected monarchical family which is essentially undoubtedly cold, calculating, lazy and, similarly, not particularly outstanding; are the equivalent of making that lot in clear lunacy and rather ridiculousness the very specific heads of regiments, as well as other significantly clear military organisations when very cowardly they have never done any military service in their lives; but all the same clearly have the uniforms and medals to show it! So wouldn't it be 'intelligent' for the UK to democratically have a referendum and through that process allow its evidently constituent parts to actually determine what each part crucially wants to be?

A sensible solution, one would actually have thought, for intelligently modern and 21st Century citizens; but basically seemingly something evidently beyond the capabilities of Master Race and also white Caucasian Feudal Morons clearly to everyone but themselves!

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