Broken Dreams

Her eyes beheld the injections of needles as misguided thoughts of wisdom transformed her truth.

Running from the corporate demon of knowledge her hands are lifted up to heaven for tears unknown.

Unbalanced and drifting towards the sea of unworthiness she develops a relationship with death.

The broken dreams of a promising life destined for endless dreams of prosperity incarcerated her veins with lies.

Her mother blessed her with torments of obscene genders of trades that the trash rejected.

Without understanding her life showcased the talents of unsolicited affairs that consumed her life.

Her beauty transformed the mind of others for abuse that corralled her touches with each kiss.

Searching the abyss of her mind she found her broken dreams in the summer nights of deception.

Her classroom has been solidified with days of slithering the streets with pains of domestic violence.

Reaching for hope she found whispers of shame from the birth canal of her eyes.

She found the pattern of hopelessness with her descend into the arm of her veins.

She was class valedictorian and now she is the queen of street seduction; broken dreams of surrendered times.

Written by Theodore Mosley
January 11,2017