Broken Lad Poem by Yaya King

Broken Lad

The young lad enjoys no ounce of affection,
Not the least bit of attention, only total neglection
His mind wanders back to the moment he asked her out, after a heartfelt confession;
And he greatly wishes it had just been met with rejection

He once believed love is perfection,
Now he is convinced love is the heart's greatest affliction
Lonely in a room, enclosed in nothing but cold tension,
Leaving him in desperate need of some ventilation

Always killing him, she claims it's anything but her intention
But it's been nothing but a multitude of lies and endless deception
She claims she cares, but her claim is never backed by a single action

He has never loved with such passion
Now his poor heart is out of commission
That's a broken lad with a shattered heart
The love was never mutual from the start
He thought it was, but it was all an illusion
The moment this came to light made a world shattering realisation
It flung him into a pool of confusion
He was unable to make a single decision
Everything was far beyond his comprehension
Tears, screams; all forms of expression,
For lethal amounts of pain, anger, hurt and frustration
He saw the signs, knew the interpretation
But he was too strong-headed, and chose to cling on to his delusion

'You aren't all that, be grateful'; that there is a violation
Toxic queen calls all the shots, with no room for negotiation
Whatever she says stands, without question
She puts him in more than one tough position
This isn't love, this is oppression
Alas, it seems as though he doesn't have an option
However, it doesn't stop him from proceeding with great caution,
For she never hesistates to make a baseless accusation
Thereafter, she jumps to a stupid conclusion

The girl with whom he'd visualized a family
The girl that he'd showed off to the others as his wifey
This same girl has him loosing what little grip he has on his sanity
This same girl has him feeling empty
This same girl has caused him to believe love is his greatest enemy
This same girl has him spending his days in a specific format; lonely
She always has him thinking he's far from enough, unworthy

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