Broken Mirror Poem by Alisha C

Broken Mirror

You can see a thousand face in the broken mirror
Now which one you want to love, which one you love to adore,
Which one you want to hate and leave at the shore?
You may wonder over and over again cause you have no existence
Not in any piece of that broken mirror, about you had huge confidence.
You looked into my depth and you saw a glimpse of yourself
As you are looking into a mirror, a highly acclaimed of oneself
Then the stone broke that mirror and all your existence disappeared
All thing you wanted to know vanished on your dream yard
And I kinda knew it from the beginning, your ultimate weapon
You created your own kingdom, and fall from your throne
And you declared I dethroned you! and I wrecked your ship!
But you were the one who lied, cheated, made promises, not to keep.
Now as the mirror passed away and broke into thousand pieces
You should ask your new mirror how long its gonna show your face
Your reflection hiding your all fault, all your innumerable ego
Because I know it will break more pathetic way and little be little very slow.
Then you will see a thousand face in the broken mirror.
And you will have to choose one more time.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: broken heart,good,love,mirror,sad,tragedy,beautiful
Hassan Hayati 17 June 2019

A beautiful, heart touching poem. very fluent and simple writing too.

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