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Brutality Is No Beauty - Poem by Lovita J R Morang

brutality is not beauty
my dear altaf n afzal
afgan will cry nomore
afganis will bleed never nomore

you are a beautiful afgan of and for all afganis
each afgani so beautiful, eachone of us so beautiful
[I can imagine, not presuming]
I can feel this beauty right this moment for you because of you
Because I am not thinking of any kind of brutality NOW
Only things of beauty I KNOW
without afganistan, pakistan, hindustan, russian, american, japan
there will be no STHAN for anything anyone- remember this beautiful earth

there is root underneath beneath these layers of this earths
from where beauty of your homeland shall sprout
like the tree branching out leaves, flowers, fruits
Never in MIND the negativities and positivities
That altogether reflects the rays of pure light

We shall see these lights through any and all these DARKNESS
Only we need to see with new EYES, these new DAYS
Barriers and border breeds brutality

For beauty is like that beautiful DOVE…

Contact love or you shall conflict love
If every possibilities has collapsed into CONFLICT
Try now if you can Out of these conflicts if you can create
and through these creations if you can compose HUMAN.MUSIC
Never be cofused[read leotolstoy’s what men live by-you shall see living God in you and me…]
[from heaven above. And the pure voice inside you will say:
men live not by care for themselves but by love.]
There is no tomorrow for you have to START now
For the things to BEGIN now
Like from a single negative you can develope pictures of innumerable POSITIVES

There is true love beneath and underneath every TRUE FEELINGS
Life teaches us to LOVE
The truth is
noone can leave and live without eachother
These true love shall sprout
Like the water that forms out in to waterfall to streams to rivers to sea and to oceans
[Everything to.wards-EVAPORATION]
Quenching the thrist
of a civilization
of a thristy man.
We shall cry we shall smile

It’s upto US if we want to see these flowers blooming in our garden
It’s upto US if we want to see these garden and land barren

It is US who allows BRUTALITY-[allow brutality brutality will brust]
It is US who allows BEAUTY-[allow beauty beauty will brust]

Like we allowing Bombs and granates to brust
What is the gain in the bargain

Too high on technology
[I wanted once in the past perfect tense was the time to scribble another theme-I cried o my computer
My good friend said cannot you use paper and a pen.cil atleast now
I realised and inside me said YES I almost forget myself
I too was too high on technology-in the process of man inside machine and machine inside man]

[I often gift the watchman’s son [named raja means king] a notebook and pen.cil
When I call him raja [ I see all kings and kindoms of the world.history in wars, battles and bloodshed]
But our raja is a child of seven[for me is the symbol of innocence growing in deprivation]
For raja I see sheer joy [out ]ofawareness
For this little boy understands the scrects beneath the notebook and the pencil
enlivening a simple joy
I go to roofless [unglorified]schools where children wants to see lights
[but I see them growing under the SUNLIGHT under these roofless schools.]
[equally I Fear for their future[of beauty and brutality]
Bridging their joy to lost joy

Hope there shall be JOY in everyway whatever nomatter how small way
Start with a GIFT[in the form of S.MILE in the form of love]
[the stiffened faces of armymen guarding the city scares me, alarms me of dangers dangling]

[I am thinking of beauty and my mind is filled with glory]
[But I am not thinking of going to LAS VEGAS to find my American Dream]

in my own HOME I am thinking of beauty over the overtones of brutality
and I too am waiting for…

Re birth of SON…in this SOIL
To hear not in FEAR-mother humming lullabies
To hear not in FEAR-children singing songs
A birthplace of human speech In the cradle of human civilization
Where WE can hear not in FEAR human music in mind-

Re surrection of newer SUN

I say for everything there is a reason, a situation
Reason of YOU being T.HERE
Reason of MY being HERE

another new earth with a name call PEACE

Only if we can discover ZERO

[Not a suspicious scientific discovery of a subjected world, Never dwell in translated pride, place where value.lessend from the system]

Brutality is not beauty
I may not have withnessed with you the BRUTALITY of your country

I google search your name it says
Altaf and afzal means KINDLINESS celebrated
So KIND of you dear altaf
for MANKIND we need this KINDNESS
[this is what I[and WE should] continue to think of beauty, there where lay GLORY]
[Beauty that only exists in between celebrated HEARTS and HUMANITY]

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