#26 (Thyagaraja) A Surprise Visit

Rating: 3.1

Late one night, an old man
Came with his old woman
And his servant to visit
Thyagaraja, the Saint.

Nothing was there to offer
To them at that late hour.
For that, he felt very sorry,
But they told him not to worry.

They unfolded a bundle,
With all the provisions full,
Which the servant cooked,
And they ate the tasty food.

Then they had a long chat
Not knowing how the night
In their talk, passed away
Until the early next day.

While leaving, the stranger said
“Your name will spread
Everywhere, worldwide, ”
Thus the Saint was blessed.

The three then went out
But outside his main gate
They were not suddenly seen.
“Where they’ve gone? ”

It gave him a surprise.
He then came to realize
Rama and Sita, from the Heaven,
Visited his house with Hanuman.

Overwhelmed with joy, he sang,
In Raga Mohana, a nice song,
In that touching moment,
After that great event.

(He sang “Bavanudha Naa Hirudhayamuna)

“Oh Lord, worshiped by Siva!
Also joins with Him Lord Brahma!
I pray, play in my heart,
Until it tires you out.”

“Oh Lord, You’re the cause,
This life-ocean for me to cross!
Oh the dear Master of Hanuman!
I’m blessed with your vision.”

“Night long, you had a chat.
You came all the way for that,
For my sake from the Heaven,
And served my food even! ”

“Also I’ll be popular, you said,
You need rest as you’re tired,
Having come all the way here.
Save Thyagaraja, this is his prayer.”


the divinity inthis great composer's composition would bring the god's down....beautifully written episode sir

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Catrina Heart 16 August 2009

AMEN.................fabulous written poem...meaningful and sacred! ! ! 10+++

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A. Madhavan 22 January 2018

Fellow Rasika, I am not devout, but I spent five years of high school in Tanjavur, and became enamoured of Karnatic music, especially Thyagaraja kritis. I read this poem with interest. I am only two years junior to you. Have you read Rajaji's narration of Mahabha and Ramayana? R.K. Narayan's, 'Gods, Demons and others', P. Lal's versions from Sanskrit in English verse? Best wishes. A. Madhavan

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Lady Grace 23 August 2009

a story, a song and a prayer in a poem....that was a very nice surprise visit..

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Deborah Cromer 20 August 2009

A great event. Your writing has a warmth about it. It is beautiful and alive. It truly has feeling that glows. Lovely. DC

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Varanasi Ramabrahmam 17 August 2009

A very good narration and rendering about Tyagaraja and his composition.

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Sandra Fowler 16 August 2009

You are at your lyric best in this poem. Music flows from your pen as music flows from the saint's lips. Warm regards, Sandra

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