Burned Carbon Poem by Chan Mongol

Burned Carbon

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Poet Chan Mongol
October 6 of 2019

Simple is that
Overpopulation affects the climate.
More people more consumption
In the limitation of the condition!

None needs to be a rocket scientist
2+2=4 is the simple arithmetic
Water, air, soil are getting the beat
Changing weather, changing heat!

The earth and the necessary power
Intoxicating with smoke, gas, bad air
Jeopardizing the Paleolithic design
Environmental condition isn't fine.

Our selfish activities in the nature
Not enough foresight for future
We can't stretch the earth
It has to be as it was in the birth.

Rivers are drying up in Asia and Africa
The earth is not only within America.
Limbs, veins and issues need to spark
The entire earth is a network.

From now on birth control is a must
We don't have to make babies too fast
All governments must make bylaws
Most devastation more human cause.

Trees came first for our need
Without trees no med. no food to feed
Cutting trees for our habitation
Our tadpoles causing alarming condition!

All countries copied US patriotic act
To lower population USA should intercept.
Somebody has to bell the cat
Or else, overpopulation will remain threat.

What you eat now or minutes ago
What you feel later or tomorrow.
Check out the density of population
Chaotic little countries for false liberation!

To go back in the past with lower population
To rescue the earth, needing preparation
No good earth and no fruitful creation
There will be heartless burned carbon!

Go in some other countries
Check out their dust, tar and gas release
Two layers above the surface of cities
There is no pure air and breeze!

The nature is trying the best
But seeming very incapacitate
Atomic bombs blasted anywhere
Such an affect will travel in the air.

No country is safe, I bet
All are facing the severe threat
Modern scientists are causing horrors
Patients die in hospitals, in cares of doctors.

Burned Carbon
Bryony Sheldon 06 October 2019

I can feel the emotion in this with every word! Excellent, and screams a message that everyone should be aware of.

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Chan Mongol 06 October 2019

Dear poet, I am extremely glad for your time to read. Your support and feeling are very important for rightful causes. My salute and honor are for you Thanks so much/

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Chan Mongol

Chan Mongol

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