Burning Song Poem by Robert Hilary

Burning Song

my soulful display of affection coming into play in this deep thoughtful direlection, in which in my melody i spell the words, that they may sound the notes of deeper heart, and in their sounding be heard before the listening ears of hearts unfettered, to feel within the mystery of thine hollowed grace, placed upon a heart with unfettered faith, that there be no trace of doubt left singing in the dark, that hearing the sound the brighter flame burns brighter, and dances to the music of the soul, which plays its tune unabated, through the music of its burning song, in which the sound that comes is only that of a poem, yet the poem within speaks of a poetry seething, the notes of its seething words bubble and boil in the the heart, as its notes play as golden flecks, glittering of many tones, in the sight of thine minds eye. that the music of ancient song be heard in the depth of thine others souls. to hear it in the whispers of the page, upon the light upon the wall from which a mages fettered heart types these words. that the song may be written with a graceful hand, and penned by a humble man, that the hum of his hymn may indeed be heard, by the music of the note and the silence in the words. that forever in the depth of the soul in which it is played. the message is sent and the words diplayed to unbriddled mystery is the poem given before nothing, that in the evenease of the poetry within is the simple fool enlightened by the touch of the music of his own hand, that the sound vibrates through the illusions into the heart, to feel wholesomely as it falls into the deeper depths of the ever deeper center of the i am within, that in turn i am, may listen within thine hearts and in turn tell the tale of the music of deepr depth that plays, and weave it into thine listening minds that thine heart may catch the golden flecked notes that are meant soulfully wholefully just for thee, each listening ear a different note may catch, that their heart may feel the energies in which this poem reflects, to fundamentally understand the depth within thine heart, that the soul may comprehend within my art, a truth that is mine from mine own listening ears, that if i ever do hear the words speak of such grace that even i have to humble myself before the face of the poetry seething wihtin thine soul.

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