Source Poem by Robert Hilary


the source of all things guides me with love, showing me the way where in i should walk, singing to me of her love, ever the almighty, as her daughter ibow in love for all that she has done she singings to me of love faith and strength, giving me the key of trust, calling me most graceious loving me as a mother, deeply singing whispers into the deepest core of my heart, rousing in me the love faith and strength, which fuels the fire that burns in my eyes, the flames of which are burning bright with a hot passion for the divine, as she wills me, and i am willed, as i will, to do my will, which is her will to do. and as she sings, i play, dancing to the melody of my heart, my hands lovingly upon my lyre, as i play to the dancing god, dancing ever in my eagerness and passion to serve her will, and ever with the passion of my hearts deepest secret dreams, which she inspires as she moves my hands upon the lyre, stricking the chords and holding every note, as she plays with holy grace, turning the notes to gold, which sound with an resonating truth, that lies deep within the heart of deeper love, seeping deep into the hearts, of all who hear the song that is played, and as the music burns like a fire in my soul, im am blessed, stilled, inspired, i am so interested, the divine my interes, and she plays me like a lyre to which i dance to the tune of the love within my heart, ever stepping, with each soft step upon the slippery road wet with the rains of a storm, upon the path that leads to many roads that leads to one. that i might breathe as i become, to take a deep breath, and with the divine be one and in sacred stillness within, and the beauty of sovereign silence upon my lips i dance shamelessly naked before my creator, the almighty, whom is all that i love, who is the all of allm and whom is the all of all that i am. as i listen to the words of the almighty, feliing the song within me, and of the heat of my mind which are the words that the song plays as the notes come to rest deep in my sou, l to play in my heart notes of goldi that whisper of the profound ignorance which is profoundly ingorant in my mind, as a child who is yet young, ever birthed, sung into a poem of true beauty, to the words of which i am consecrated, and realized, as realization births understanding of the truth of reallity, the immortality that i am realized as i find the deepest note of who i am, and with the loving depth of my innerself, know that i am an eternal child. and that the divine is my mother, who in which i am rebirthed and renewed, forged in the fires of the almightys love, tempered by her love, humbled by her grace, and shivering from her kisses proundly deep, upon my heart, and into the deepst part of my shivering soul, that make me dance to her beuatul love, as i step by step dance upon the path before me, upon the path that leads to many roads that leads to one.

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