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Bury St. Edmunds

Visit the abbey in ruin,
Greene king pubs beckoning you in,
Amid bloom see the sights you can,
See links to an age that's Norman,
A charming suffolk market town,
That's known by an arrow shot crown,
Named after the martyr king Edmund,
The true patron saint of England,
Sample the local vintage ales,
Take in the area's folktales,

See the history in Moyse's hall,
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Wahab Abdul 08 March 2012

Simplicity is the style and quality of your poem, the way you start and end the poem is praise worthy, you are really a talented one, your wording and the poetical diction is properly appropriate, the flow of the poem is like a gushing water, and blowing like a wind making a sound soothing to soul and storming the brain, and very musical to ears, I wish I had written this poem….the theme is original and the poem is well crafted and well composed poem those qualities made the poem a everlasting a piece of fine art…I like poem very much and I will also like you thoughtful on my poems, especially ‘’I want to die’’

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