National Trust Poem by Tony Harrison

National Trust

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Bottomless pits. There's on in Castleton,
and stout upholders of our law and order
one day thought its depth worth wagering on
and borrowed a convict hush-hush from his warder
and winched him down; and back, flayed, grey, mad, dumb.

Not even a good flogging made him holler!

O gentlemen, a better way to plumb
the depths of Britain's dangling a scholar,
say, here at the booming shaft at Towanroath,
now National Trust, a place where they got tin,
those gentlemen who silenced the men's oath
and killed the language that they swore it in.

The dumb go down in history and disappear
and not one gentleman's been brough to book:

Mes den hep tavas a-gollas y dyr

'the tongueless man gets his land took.'

Michael Shepherd 15 October 2005

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M Asim Nehal 23 February 2016

Nice poem, thanks for sharing...

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Savita Tyagi 23 February 2016

Toungless man gets his land took. So true.

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Bernard F. Asuncion 19 January 2018

Such an interesting poem by Tony Harrison👍👍👍

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Glen Kappy 19 January 2018

In the first line, it looks like it should be one not on. As to the content of the poem, we learn one more time it wasn’t only Nazis who did deplorable and inhumane experiments on people and that the haves get away with crimes on the have-nots. Here in America, if it’s on or near the places of the poor, sure, let’s do our dumping there. But never get near the tended gardens or the houses of the rich. -GK

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Sylvia Frances Chan 11 May 2023

Amazing poem with compelling imagery and narration. Poem with powerful words created, the addition in cornish is sublimest

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Silver Bird 11 May 2023

The poet captures the essence of these themes through vivid imagery and a compelling narrative. The poem draws attention to the consequences of disregarding history and the dire outcomes of suppressing voices.

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Silver Bird 11 May 2023

Bottomless Pits' is a thought-provoking and evocative poem that delves into themes of power, oppression, and the loss of cultural heritage.

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Sachidananda Panda 14 July 2020

" The dumb go down in history and disappear and not one gentleman's been brought to book..." This is realistic and most beatifully expressed to match the theme line of the poem... loved it... Thanks

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Raynolds Moseamedi 03 September 2018

What a beautiful poem, I love it, thank you for sharing.

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