Byronic Patriotism Poem by Francis Duggan

Byronic Patriotism

Not everyone loves their Homecountry Byron the English poet loved Greece
And in the Islands in the Atlantic he died and found his lasting peace
To the people of Greece a true hero in their history his legend has grown
He may have been born and raised in England but they claimed him as one of their own
So few poets in the English language with Byron could hope to compare
The leading exponent of satire the Byrons of literature rare
Childe Harold and Don Juan classics of English literature the legend of Byron lives on
In Greece where he died still a legend whilst millions to the ways of time gone
That he loved Greece far better than England many would find hard to understand
I just give you here one example of one who loved his adopted Land
You can call it Byronic Patriotism or call it whatever you may
But he was not the first or surely not the last one to love a land from his Homeshore far away
Millions if not billions of migrants in Lands far from their Homeshore rest in peace
And not everyone loves their Homecountry Lord Byron was one who loved Greece.

Sylva Portoian 16 June 2012

He loved Greece and Loved Armenian Language... Because he was humble and never snobbish An English poet said... If Byron's body belongs to England... While his Heart to Greece... But part of his soul, you Armenians have inherited it with poets peacefulness and close heartiness…!

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