U Win Kyi

Cadaver's Wish (1) - Poem by U Win Kyi

I am the ghostly spirit of that dead body,
now you dissect and study the human anatomy.
I wish all the young medical students,
to study this subject....hard and diligent,
so that you have the best knowledge,
to be used for the patient's sake,
and for yourself to avoid the mistake,
you may make in your career in later date.

Either from evolution or creation,
every part has its purpose and function.
Good and bad are 2 spectrum of extreme,
it depends on what side you would lean.

During my life I had done not a good thing.
After death, my soul went to hell for burning.
My skin with blisters and my hair singed.
I am not alone in this fire of hell.
I have many friends about whom I would tell.
They are greedy doctors, unfair lawyers, drug dealers,
cruel leaders, fund embezzlers,
radical terrorist, con-artists, pedophile priests, thieves,
and many others in a long list,
from all walks of life,
from people of different color and stripe.
Sin committed by money, sex and power drive.
Because the path to hell is too wide,
so down to here, we have an easy ride.
The path to heaven is too narrow,
then at it we do not have a go.

Hey, medical students, can you hear me what I said,
from this burning hell where the Satan always mad.
Too late for me to regret and repent,
to here after I was sent.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, June 15, 2008

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