Calling The Forgotten Names, Again! Poem by Tengre Asasiun Gurun Tengre

Calling The Forgotten Names, Again!

Now, seventy years have passed
Since it ceased the echoes of the cannons,
But the many soldiers lived with the blast
In the mine, left in the red fields and canyons.
The soldiers couldn't know when the war was ceased
Ev'ry-day, they charged into the mine at least.

By the nation, at home, when they're young, were summoned
And fought for nation and with the nation's names.
At twenty one century, till now, they're abandoned
And for a long time they've lived with numbers no names.
At the national cemetery, they were registered as the missing
Or the war dead, so far they were regarded as no living.

In fall, the wild geese fly to the south,
Freely, the birds can fly up and down.
They have longed for home but could not mouth,
Once departing no visiting to their town.
Across the entanglements can the winds,
Even to the birds, they couldn't talk their minds.

Now we all must call their old names
Again. Let's call their names aloud,
The persons in the death land, and forgotten names,
Until that sounds to the heaven, in loud,
Until that it tolls themselves that the peoples' bells
In their minds, till the tears hit the bells.

The Sergeant Kyu-Man Lee who was captured the date, Aug.,1952., and dead of an illness at April,13th,2000.

The Corporal Man-Dong Lee who was captured Jul.1952, and dead of starvation at Jun.,2000.

The Private 1st class Jong-Gyu Baek, who was captured Apr.,1952 and dead of starvation at Oct.,1997.

The Private 1st class Su-Il, Kim, who was captured Nov.,1950 and dead of an illness at 26th, Apr.,1972.

The Private 1st class Young-Chang, Heo, who was captured 1951 and dead of an illness 18th, Jul.,1995.

And 70 thousand officers and soldiers unknown.
We are sorry.
We are so sorry.
Really we are so sorry!

Calling The Forgotten Names, Again!
I wrote this poem for praying for the return of the unreturned POW during the Korean War. They were captured the war, but couldn't go back to their home town for mort than 70 years. It was estimated almost 70 thousands soldiers.
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