Camelot: A Theme Park's Lament Poem by Angela Wybrow

Camelot: A Theme Park's Lament

My gates, they opened, back in '83 -
It was a really proud moment for me;
I was shiny and new; I was a star,
And people, they came from both near and far.

They came to see my amazing attractions;
Hungry thrillseekers keen for some action.
I loved to hear laughter and delighted screams.
I fed the folk burgers, hot dogs, ice creams.

There was a carousel, dodgems, a huge ferris wheel,
And plenty of rollercoasters for those seeking a thrill.
There were go-karts, a ghost train, and cool waterslides,
A pirate ship, log flume - all sorts of great rides!

For hour upon hour, they'd feel entertained,
Whether it was sunny or whether it rained;
Each day, to me, the crowds they all flocked:
I was the bee's knees - yes, I really rocked!

I was busy and bustling: the talk of the town;
Within my kingdom, no soul wore a frown.
But, in later years, less folk began coming -
The atmosphere within me was no longer humming.

I'm now deserted, disfigured; I'm in disrepair:
Over the years, I've suffered much wear and tear.
My rollercoasters are rusting; cans litter the floor;
My signage is broken; I've got damaged decor.

I used to have (and I don't wish to gloat!)
My own fairytale castle, complete with a moat!
But the moat is now nothing, but a stale, murky pool,
Littered with debris - it looks completely uncool!

I was once a land of imagination,
But I'm now being devoured by dense vegetation;
I'm being overtaken by bush and by briar,
And, over the years, I've been damaged by fire.

People of all ages, I'd keep amused,
But, now here I lie, unloved and unused;
With me, families enjoyed many a fun-filled day,
But, standing forgotten, I'm now rotting away.

I am still standing, but am frozen in time;
I'm like a Hollywood star, who's way past their prime.
Sadly, for me, there's no fairytale ending:
And what of my future? They say it's still pending.

Saturday, March 2, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: time,feelings,entertainment
Angela Wybrow

Angela Wybrow

Salisbury, Wilts, UK
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