Can Paradise Lost Be Regained At All? Poem by Ramesh T A

Can Paradise Lost Be Regained At All?

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Dancing by the melodious tune of music, lovers enjoy
Ball dance long in the night whispering words of love
Between ears till the end of music and kiss between
Lips to put an end to ball dance in the dance session!

Lovers leave the hall to a secluded arbour to sit in
The green lawn seeing the twinkling stars beautiful in
The velvet night making it convenient to embrace tight
To satisfy love passion unmindful of time moving fast!

Living such a wonderful romantic love life long, will
It be possible to maintain physical and social distance
To avoid the spread of deadly Corona virus to others
To overcome the chain reaction effect for recovery soon!

Civilization sans healthy culture, surely make all suffer
For the mistakes of a greedy few exploiting natural
Resources for economic development to achieve super
Status in the world unmindful of pollution causing havoc!

Mahtab Bangalee 06 May 2020

nature is heaven we the human vital part of it for our long mischievous doings this heaven now changed into helI; if we try together we can regain our lost heaven

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Ramesh T A

Ramesh T A

Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India
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