Captured In His Fairy Tale Poem by Cena Rose

Captured In His Fairy Tale

Rating: 5.0

Shot by an arrow
Fell for a handsome, young fellow
Struck was I
As he captured my wandering eye.

He told me his name
I smiled, stuck in his game
I said mine sweetly
'How beautiful...' He told me.

So fast was our love
I flew, innocent as a dove
And he took me in his hands
There was no limit, no bans

Our bodies heated with pleasure
His kiss, what I treasured
I opened up for him soon
So trusting was my moon.

I had been hurt plenty before
But we were love, we would endure
I felt so secure and close
He was my sun, my drunken dose

We never tired, never knew
Why married couples withdrew
Our love intensified
My happiness multiplied

And even when children came through
Our love, it just grew
We couldn't see it, didn't know
Why groups broke up, he was my only show

And when time tested our waters
We didn't worry like our daughters
Who always knew the next boyfriend
Together, we knew we would end

And I gripped his wrinkled hand
And knew magic had taken a stand
Because through time still struck was I
As he captured my wandering eye.

Eyan Desir 03 November 2009

I didnt know you could be sweet like

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this was very beautiful and infused with those mushy feelings of love that i am waiting to feel again. however i would like to hear u recite this because i lost the rhythm at the end of the middle of the poem. but i think it may have been the way i was reading. it just seemed different in the first couple of stanzas. but great poem. it makes me want to be in love again really soon. and the ending was superb

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Shane Clift 18 June 2008

This was is very beautiful, very well written, you have a fantastic talent.

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Serenity Prayer 18 June 2008

aww. i love it. its excellent. just goes to show that love has no age limit. very well done.

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