Wait For Me Over The Moon Top Poem by Cena Rose

Wait For Me Over The Moon Top

Rating: 4.8

Please wait for me
Over the moon top
because I'm coming for you
So always look up

And if you don't wait
I'll just go faster
And meet you half way
As you try to look down

And if you give up
I'll be your shoulder
So go ahead and cry
And only let the tears fall

And if you don't trust me
I'll give you my heart
And tell you I love you
And it can be our stepping tool

And if you think your alone
I'll show you I care
And that I'll always be here
And I can be your hoist

And if you don't want me
I can still be your unused shoulder
And you can always count on me
So that you never look down

And if you do look up
I'll be smiling at you
And showing you the stars
Because they're your limit.

This is for all you who think you can give up.... There will always be someone there... So always look for me over the moon top. Because I'm waiting.

Raymond Wright 16 June 2008

Simply lovely, Cena. A splendid sentiment indeed. Thanks for the shoulder... Ray

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Subbaraman N V 28 June 2008

Yes, sure I will wait................

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Shane Clift 16 June 2008

Very nice, I can feel the strength you are portraying. Awesome words.

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Harley Marie 16 June 2008

wow thats amazing....i cant believe you wrote that for me.....i love it....its beautiful....thank you so much....its means alot to me.....and i always pray to a moon cuz i cant give trust into a god......

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relentless affection. beautiful. and even the moon can represent the almost limiteless limit just like the stars.

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Howard Johnson 16 June 2008

Beautiful Cena, A true reading pleasure

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