Can You Tell Me Of Your Kiss? Poem by Cena Rose

Can You Tell Me Of Your Kiss?

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A kiss, oh so great!
Lay one not on my cheek
But wait! Isn’t it nasty?
And what if they’re breath reeks?

Does his lips bother?
Or maybe his huge nose?
Or is it like kissing
Rain from a rose?

Is it like skipping
In a rain puddle?
Is it like being smelly
When you try to cuddle?

Do you have butterflies
In your stomach?
Do you hold your breath
Till your heart plummets?

Can you taste
His minty toothpaste?
Do you lick your lips
And dive in for the chase?

Do you open your eyes?
Do you scrunch up your mouth?
Have you ever really
Taken his bubblegum out?

When you kiss, is it like fireworks
Gone off in your head?
Or does it tickle
On your lips instead?

Do you feel exposed?
Special or weird?
Is his tongue as nasty
As you truly feared?

Are all kisses really different?
Is one more special than another?
Do you get flustered
When you kiss in front of his mother?

Is it a private moment in time?
Can you feel his breath on your face?
Do you feel like time stood still
As you allowed another base?

Can you tell me
In one sentence
How you felt?
All your senses?

I ask these questions
To know of this
Can you tell me
Of your kiss?


that is what poetry is about, looking at the other side of things.. great Job! ! !

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Yasser Koor 20 September 2008

nice poem i like it and i'm impressed full of meaning great

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Serenity Prayer 13 August 2008

interesting. in a good way. lol. great job. i like it. it is weird but its the good kindof wierd. lol

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