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With sleep a snore is heard
and a dropp of a hand
On my belly
While thunder screams in my ear

There’s candy everywhere
Littering the floor
My candy openers still here
The bottle’s near the door

Please wait for me
Over the moon top
because I'm coming for you
So always look up

Good bye, Good luck, and I'm sorry
The bloods rushing to fast
I can't plug it
So now I will chug it

I always felt alone.
Even when everyone was there.
No one was on my side
They didn’t know I feared.

The clouds an array of colors
Reflecting the coming sunset
And a word is written
As a cut is driven

Shot by an arrow
Fell for a handsome, young fellow
Struck was I
As he captured my wandering eye.

So funny
So skinny
So runny
Your bunny

If you ever read the poem Absolutely Nothing by this random kid then you would get this poem even more....

I learned my ABC’s

Her eyes closed
The pain shut out
Tear traced from a single memory
Seen behind closed curtains

I saw a movie yesterday
And thought after a time
That if the world were like a movie
It would quite a rhyme

I saw a word today.


A kiss, oh so great!
Lay one not on my cheek
But wait! Isn’t it nasty?
And what if they’re breath reeks?

Im tired, so sleepy
But my eyes still drift to the stranger in front
Holding my hand
What’s his name?

Hit me, push me, hurt me
My dear
Pat me gently,
With your belt

Walk quickly
Skittering across the two-way street
Pebbles flying,
Sweat cry-

Fly away
Oh sweet and bashful bird
Twerp in my ear
Singing my Mother’s lullaby

Want to know what goes through my head when im trying to make sense? Well say this really fast and stick to the rhymes, some of it makes sense....

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I love to help people, it's the only reason I'm still here, and I'm a very fun, easy going person. I love to read, write, edit, and help people.)

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Father, I Will Always Be Your Princess

With sleep a snore is heard
and a dropp of a hand
On my belly
While thunder screams in my ear

And I sleep with a dream
Of a wonderful person
Who knows no limits
Can touch his little princess, me

I remember falling,
But suddenly had I looked up
And with big arms
I was swept up and loved

I remember his sweet kiss on my forhead
His smell of colonge
His look of being happy
His big smile making my tears fall away

I remember his words when I was down
His encouragement to get up
He had shown me a way
But he knew I must go alone

I remember his goady laugh
The one that made me smile
No matter how mad he made me
I just couldn't resist

I remember his saying
'You are my Princess'
And I knew forever more
I could have everything

But I remember when times were hard
And I thought I needed him
And he shook his head, No
And I understood

I remember when she said no
And I ran crying to you
Smiling, I ended doing what she said
With a mouthful of candy

And then I realized
As time flew faster
I grew older in that sleep
As memories condensed

Finally, my wisened eyes met your closed ones
And I saw that smile through your sleep
And I got off that bed
And when you frowned with closed eyes

I whispered 'I will always be your princess'
And you smiled.

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Michael DeSantis 08 September 2020

can we talk sometime?

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Eyan Desir 01 June 2009

Hmm, A young writer Developing into a plant a mixture of sadness and sweetness... Interesting and beautiful Work All the best Bianca

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i only read a few.. but you have a lot of talent and pure skill, and insight from what I see.. nice! ! !

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Leslie Ching 02 February 2009

two things: 1. congratz on your formally published poem! which one is it? 2. it's no wonder you got published-you have so much talent! alot more than me at least ^.~........................................lc

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