Car, Dog And Me! . Poem by surya surya

Car, Dog And Me! .

i love my car, the new fiat 1900D, its
powerful engine allows me to speed,
i drive fast even when, vehicles from
other direction moves menacing,
i then drive up close to its face and
quickly take a cut to the left, and
move on, the sudden cut thrills me,
but leaves my wife, furious who shouts
through the roof, my instincts telling
me to throw her out through the door
but i restrain, to save myself from
a potential police case, and beg
her pardon, for my wild thoughts.

highway drive is thrilling and fun too
as the car is stable at higher speed,
its air conditioning allows cool ambiance
inside, stereo powerful, operated through
remote allows me to listen to my favorite
Australian country pop, that sets
the rhythm and mood for me.

finally when i enter my street, i keep
pace, until i face a huge blue gate
made of steel tube that gives an
impression of a mansion inside
as i come near, i flip a button
in key chain and the huge gate
slides quickly to give way, the car
moves in magnanimous like a benz,

once i move out of the car, locking
it through, another flip of button,
our dog appu wait for us patiently,
who would have pawed on the door,
had i not taught it to behave,
and then we hug each other,
as i love my dog too! .
- o0o –

surya surya

surya surya

kozhikode, @chennai.india
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