surya surya Poems

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A Liberated Woman? .

most woman to day are highly liberated lot,
they no longer care to, wake up early and
greet their hubbies with a cup of coffee, but
expect hubbies to take lead in coffee et all.

A Lesson In Swimming*.

(*when a young girl ventures out for her
first class in swimming she should briefed
on consequence of body baring as well
as likely presence of paedophiles) .

A Mysterious Crow! .

a crow, charcoal black, fierce eyes, blue
saturn ring in neck, beak dense black
sharp, arrived mysterious from nowhere
sat on a tree branch bearing mangoes

Man Vs Wild! .

snake slithered fast across the land,
through earthen clods and burrows,
moving smooth and fast, held its head
lowered, eyes fixed on target the frog,

A Birth Day Wish*.

oh! wake up my lovely princess,
allow the sun to rise for you,
and sprinkle its golden rays,
with all its effulgence in, bright

Potrait Of The Innocents.

i sat up and looked over the vast sea,
huge water body spread over horizon,
like a well mowed British meadow,
in blue sapphire, sharp curves in,

New Year.

tomorrow at the dawn, arrives the
new year, while today we stand on
verge of the unknown of its worth.


barren earth crave for it,
frogs in crevices cry for it,
farmer looks up skywards,
fish seedlings thirst for it, and

The Season.

the fiery and scorching sun faded away,
sizzling, shy and misty winter ventured in,
sun, menacing fireball rose gently glowing,
bright silver rays cutting through sizzling mist.


Girl young and beatiful
dreaming all the way
ready for any game, boyfriend
device cunningly, yet alert,