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Man Vs Wild! .

Rating: 4.6

snake slithered fast across the land,
through earthen clods and burrows,
moving smooth and fast, held its head
lowered, eyes fixed on target the frog,
took the shortest path, to get on fast.

the man stood in its path holding a club
arrogance writ on his face and weapon,
quickly did the snake abandon its plan
of 'least offense' went in for plan-2
'offense one', and held up its head high,
spread its face wide, fierce and shining
eyes fixed on target, alert, heard nothing
and saw nothing, only the enemy in range.

snake now swayed its head, surveyed
and locked target with confidence, while
man too quickly changed his strategy
in a dramatic way, and took to heels! .
* i love snakes. please dont hurt it.

Anand Madhukar 05 October 2009

A nice piece, well written.

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Chitra - 29 September 2009

very impressive..vivid description of man vs wild of fear vs courage!

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Patrick A. Martin 28 September 2009

Fear and courage always make bedfellows interesting.

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Sameera Sameer 26 September 2009

Interesting... no comment =P

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Sarwar Chowdhury 26 September 2009

impressive indeed! and fine wording! images are WoW! 10+

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Narrative diction …plans 1 and 2…both had to compromise…= harmony 10+ Ms. Nivedita UK

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Gul naz 19 December 2009

a very unusual idea and very cleverly penned....great

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Jester's P 09 November 2009

well penned dear poet...however one thing amazed me and that is the title itself. in fact the title depict the image of a man and a snake as one- the man-snake alike which on literary genre it seems a combinations of being and character: man- as the being, snake as associated to wisdom and wit.

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Swatimalya Chattopadhyay 11 October 2009

Topics variegated, as always. Reality put forward with powerful command of words.

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Anusha Subramanian 06 October 2009

A very nice poem.. Impressive and well penned.. A good descripition.. Its WONDERFUL..10++

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