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A Lesson In Swimming*.

Rating: 4.3

(*when a young girl ventures out for her
first class in swimming she should briefed
on consequence of body baring as well
as likely presence of paedophiles) .

a young girl went for swimming class
changed in to her new suit, surprised
at her own form and size, the aura of
her bountiful beauty and freshness that
enchanted her, went in to a world of
dream, slipped in to pool like a princess,
coach in tow who stunned and amazed
at her form and fragrance held her soft
in water in his hands, spread wide.

suddenly it seemed water is hot and
boiling, quickly they moved to change
room, where he bared her nude, it
was her curiosity and his anxiety! .
- o0o -
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Tuesday, August 18, 2009
Swimming Poems: 80 / 500
Topic(s) of this poem: safety
Alandra Moreira 31 October 2009

powerful and in the beginning you don't really suspect then ending until the second stanza, great write!

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Adi Cox 01 October 2009

I was drawn into the poem and the seduction of a beautiful young girl. This is what dreams are made of. What makes this poem good is that it highlights an abuse of power: The coach that takes advantage of their students. This poem appeals to the most basic instinct of being male and shows just how easy it is to slip into bad ways. Excellent poem.10/10.

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Sonya Florentino 27 September 2009

a lesson in swimming? did I miss something? ;) hope she learned something though...whether bad or good....

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Dr. Sonal Chhaya 26 September 2009

Happens all the time.................. Good try.........

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loki thredbald 22 September 2009

The first stanza was well done although the second stanza lacked the subtlety that could have made tis poem great instead of merely quite good.

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hiii 08 January 2021

wow much pedophile

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Vipins Puthooran 06 November 2011

Wow, , , it's an amazing write and a great poem, , , wonderful emotions so real it's... Top marks! ! !

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Mark Nwagwu 13 April 2010

unpleasant experience; spoils the purity of swimminmg water - that bathes the body, lifts the heart to see the sky.. and maybe even dream. Swimming is more than just moving in water and splashing around, it is an elixir purifying our blocked sensations. The crude coach does not understand this...though

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suddenly it seemed water is hot and boiling, quickly they moved to change room, where he bared her nude, it was her curiosity and his anxiety! .. it is transmission pure ly arrival of spring in her body and eqquall response.. lovelytgheme....10 read mine... i miss... miss i miss u

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NOTE OF CONCERN: This poem is vilevoguish mindset of swimming teachers…and Sr. Poet Surya Sir explicitly narrated and expressed the agony and insult to femininity…what may stay stored in subconscious …and many give many psychical problems …later on…very much concerning…and poets are looking glass of society and reflect the blacks and whites as they’re …here ably done by poet.. In this poem often unnoticed area poet has reflected…be safe the parents and learners…, my humble concern echo with the poet Ms. Nivedita UK

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