Cardboard Castle Poem by Thomas Plotz

Cardboard Castle

Rating: 4.0

Give me a cardboard castle, one with a second floor
Maybe place it on a trailer, to move by the seashore
Oh give me a cardboard castle, one with an ocean view
Leading down to a dock, with a boat, that will take me back to you

The river moving swiftly, just need to float on down
Soon the current speed is increasing,
The boat getting tossed around
Rapids are soon upon us,
White caps crashing inbound
The boat is filling fast, praying I won't drowned
Hoping I won't run aground
Will this nightmare ever end; I'm just trying to be home bound
Sinking in the water, feeling immersed

I awaken in a panic, fearing the worst
I'm soaked with sweat from the dream, shaking and icebound
I pull the cardboard box over me, trying to keep lukewarm
For your never warm, when living on the streets, of a ghost-town

Bittersweet memories, come and go, from the girls you used to know
Hoping the snow will stop falling, and your deteriorating
Mind will roam back too
Remember who you are; and how you're able to get home.

Please give me a cardboard castle

Cardboard Castle: Thomas Plotz 10 JAN 2015

Saturday, January 10, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: homeless
According to the
Substance Abuse and Mental
Health Services
20 to 25% of the homeless
population in the United
States suffers from
some form of severe mental illness.
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