I Walked Alone Poem by Thomas Plotz

I Walked Alone

Rating: 3.5

Warm December day

I walked alone,
But I wasn’t

Ghost of my love one’s, voices of my family’s past
Are here, as glimmer’s, of former events
Apparition to help me fly
To raise my spirit’s
Hands to keep me from drowning

I walked alone,
But I wasn’t

I strolled, and saw no-one, in physical form, just


No animals,
No leafs, still left on the trees - stirring
No wind or sounds of currents of air

I walked alone,
But I wasn’t

The water was smooth
The fish weren’t jumping
The eagles didn’t fly

I sat at the end, of the trail, now
Looking out, from the overlook

Feeling calm
Feeling at peace
Feeling of love

Stillness – sins of silence
Washing away my pain
Washing me clean

For the woods, is my true church
Nature serenity and splendor

I walked alone,
But I wasn’t

My Family is here

T. Plotz
I Walked Alone
DEC 6,2015

Sunday, December 6, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: death,peace
John Coutts 29 May 2016

Hi Thomas, this is a soul poem with connection to family, spirituality and nature. I enjoyed the way you painted a picture of your journey using your senses and nature to draw the reader into your poem. I do have a suggestion, please be careful how you format your poems. I felt the second stanza was jerky and lacked continuity, I also suggest not starting every line with a capital letter, it is also not advisable to have one word lines. Read your poems aloud listening for rhythm and continuity problems. A very nice poem Namaste friend.

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Edward Kofi Louis 12 December 2015

'I walk alone' with the peace of life. Nice work.

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A. Madhavan 09 December 2015

The Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore wrote a poem with a similar feeling. It became well known. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi used to quote it. If no one wants to join you on the journey, the adventure, the experience of struggle and quest, never mind, Walk Alone. Write on. The journey itself is the destination, perhaps. A. Madhavan

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Shakil Ahmed 06 December 2015

you have wonderfully presented your heartfelt thoughts in beautiful poetic language, thanks for sharing

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Thomas Plotz 06 December 2015

Thank you for your comment sir.

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