Thomas Plotz Poems

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Poems must rhyme, so they say, simply isn't true. For there are others with depth and thought, that truly will just due. A good example of poems that do not rhyme, are the ones they call haiku.

The poet Robert Frost wrote 138 poems and plays; some of those don't rhyme. I'm sure, he wrote more; but some were discarded in time. That is my goal, to write 138 stories, of fall, winter, water, and the garden gate. Just enough, to say I tried; by making my mark before I die.

Mermaid Girl (Haiku)

Mermaid girl, swimming

Big brown eyes, with soothing smile

I Walked Alone

Warm December day

I walked alone,
But I wasn’t


Rising morning bound
First thing I found

In the pantry or by the stove

Love... Together

I have nothing to say
I have nothing to say,

Maybe, it will hit me, just as I'M writing

The Way We Slept

Head down,
Stand at almost the utmost,
End of the room

The Man With Numerous Names

I saw a man the other day that goes by many names
Dressing in disguise, to fool his foes
As that goes, it’s confuses me immensely,
The ultimate game of hide and seek

Traced Back To You

I'm a stronger man because of you,
Saved from streets of life's ground plan
Filled with confusion and
Discombobulation of my mental reflection

Relentless Love

Relentless Love Is -
Yours pursuit for us, with fighting spirit
Leaving me breathless and honored
With your unyielding love

My Angels Face

I love you, my friend
My girlfriend, standing before the masses
Speaking from the arena, with the clashes
Peering into her soul

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