Care For The Children Poem by Yousif Ibrahim Abubaker Abdalla

Care For The Children

You have to care for them in the morning until the sunset
You have to whisper over their ears cordially
When you recognize their eyes, they will plot and play together to amuse you surprisingly
They are only left-hand for the purpose we are blessed
You can be stopping their falling if they ever are needed in learning attitudes to become their runway from evildoers to be successful siblings
You have to give them love and a little cue that will support their flowering with different halves
You have to teach them to be fearless and tough because you are their guidance and lighter when they mislead a track
You have to give them time to spread their wings when they need breaking their knot
You have always to be there when they need you
Your presence rejoices and helps them keep fighting the blues
You have to do your best to teach them the difference in many journeys, so along
So that they float easily on life's song
You don't have to be hold them be naughty, let them learn to be your close friends forever beyond the sky
You have to give them value for a lifetime service so that they will never fail to strive.
So, you have to love them at goodness and badness to make this worthwhile
World betterment than it's considered
You have to make them stare at the stars and find divine beauty in the clouds
You have to make them dream big
You have made them shield their devil and keep them from danger
You have to make them keep their morals and respect the elderly
You have to make them love education and be outstanding ones
Yes, verily you have to make them love Sudan and be proud of being Sudanese citizens
Oh, you have to make them build Sudan and find shells in the sand
If they need a little help their please make them a hand
You have to teach them to serve others and be good human fellow
If you feed them knowledge of all these values
Their love won't have an end
It's not about the money you have and the things you have bought to them daily
Life is all about lessons that your parents articulate and instruct the proper sound of ABC to you

Care For The Children
POET'S NOTES ABOUT THE POEM: Care about the children I wrote this poem to address the care and love of children has taught us so much about true love. Children's love is pure and very unconditional even though we have to look after them and provide. For my children and any child in need and I can help I will be there for them. All children deserve unconditional love and a safe home I hope this poem will encourage and sustain the brave children who are peacefully demanding a more just future. I know these verses cannot soothe the wounds of those who have lost their parents. It was written in the aftermath of the August 21,2023
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