Brutal Phenomenon Poem by Yousif Ibrahim Abubaker Abdalla

Brutal Phenomenon

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I have got effected of sequence of anti-social movement which terrifies whole citizens throughout the country; having to take look at this issue and its solution immediately; tiring and sick of this foolishness acts.

Many incidents of crimes have spread through social media in Sudan, carried out by members of unarmed gangs, represented in kidnapping phones and women's bags from the streets using motorcycles, and calls have emerged in neighborhoods to form patrols to protect citizens from the danger of these gangs.

The growing phenomenon behind the citizens complained on a daily basis about the continuous increase in crime rates carried out; In the authorities' first move, the designated issued two days ago a decision prohibiting anyone who drives a motorcycle from carrying another person with him on a bicycle, and whoever violates this will be punished with imprisonment and a fine.

First time offenders face potential penalties of two months in jail or a fine. The new measures have been become known as the 'long nines' phenomenon - referring to motorbikes which carry multiple armed men operate in gangs and are believed to be behind a wave of crime in the past year that has become worse since last October's coup; Some believe the gangs are part of a strategy being used by the junta to get people to stop anti-coup protests amid general lawlessness.

Seeing the reluctance of the police to deal with the criminals in contrast to the zeal the security forces show in suppressing the pro-democracy demonstrations; the ban on passengers is unlikely to go down well with the many Sudanese who have turned to motorbikes because of their affordability; Recently, the phenomenon of kidnapping and armed robbery spread for some time, a state of insecurity and an increase in the crimes of theft, and kidnapping, robbery at gunpoint.

A poem is written on Friday, 27th of May 2022. The poem is about 9 Tawila phenomenon terrifies whole cities Khartoum & Omdurman. - It is a process of public looting and theft of collectibles on the road and public places, the pace of which has escalated recently, as one of the manifestations of security liquidity experienced by Sudan. - We are heartbroken at such an incredible brutal phenomenon of robbery & the tragic loss of life.
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