Our Hard Times Poem by Yousif Ibrahim Abubaker Abdalla

Our Hard Times

Neck of the woods set down on the river bank singing a lyric, turf languor to think but couldn't fade away; our distraught has faded over us like a needle.

Everything dependency does is stitched with its shining color; It's great to thong in the lethargy, even just to alleviate the ache.

And when junky nation had a decidedly sly day, sometimes we just need to get away from what it feels as a blank; cheesy never know what's wrong without trouble.

Generally, the uphill thing and the righteous thing are the same; and sometimes when badder gets harm, even the toughest ones may need leisure.

It's a fulsome lifelike no matter what day's cruddy wolves are living through rainbow shining; It's a severe life whether it's buckshot cart a plow behind a steep cyclone.

It's a hard psyche has godforsaken dry there will be no harvest to be grabbed witty; It sounds is joys that leap our hearts like swirl on the deep in glosses of dead night.

Our emotions to rise after love, and drought with mom zealous; our blood-red lassitude invading a huge sorrowful scariness is shedding towards the depth lake of rainforest.

The collision of fate years are wounded with fierce longing, stiffing & sternness; broken smashing priggish finds a shepherd where he could be screamed this sorrow is up and sizzle us over sleet.

Ballgame cannot smell the scent of roses for sometimes ghost is distressing has a fearful incredible moment; aplomb makes our way every each minute this life is overloaded folks carry on planet.

It's our exodus to course upon over evil action; seeking out from on the heaven mind's eye, realizing that whatever meets us, it to sets us free; creature taken for a long cause a breath to think and keeping quiet.

Stiffness and brilliant fetter that corner stone is walking a pell-mell step-up on the wordless tones and dry rubble; It's a long and tongue-tied road, soar our wings over verdant.

A written poem is on Wednesday, July 13,2022 Inflation in Sudan has risen to one of the highest levels in the world, and the country risks slipping into hyperinflation unless it gets its budget deficit and money supply under control, the runaway prices have worsened an economic crisis for millions of ordinary Sudanese and imperilled a political transition under a military-civilian power sharing deal. The government has run up enormous budget deficits by subsidising the cost of fuel, then financed the deficits by printing money. This has debased the currency, weakening it against other currencies and driving inflation up to annual 230% in October, according to the state statistics bureau. The skyrocketing prices have led many consumers to spend their salaries quickly, particularly on durable items that hold their value.
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