We Are Equal In Death Poem by Yousif Ibrahim Abubaker Abdalla

We Are Equal In Death

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We are innocent until the truth be told, a long life turns its circles, If we relate our sadness to this world is so corrupt, now we can't trust a single soul around on; keeping fairness under such a lion's fist.

Misfortune does not remain, fairness is the most valued, like light in the dark shelter, raising over parties and nations; swearing victory upon equality where we love to dwell on it.

Once the honey of willpower is shedding out opens on a yard of flowers above the rocks of concrete; starving of the mud warmth beneath the ground, his stem shows up in the yard of defense.

Melting love of sunlight; that shines up in darkness fighting battle, the burning flame in the dirt; morning sunshine on my Path, lovely moments we spend, tough times are sweet pain is glorious.

Loving is so wondrous fair shining hair; a great deal of awful majesty crutches stars fragrant breath sweet; smile neck and breast are on elegant sweet speeches like the sunbeams on the dial.

Be singing like fairness in practice of all cases in whole fairness when folk fly on working to attain with great absurdity at the opposite of justice where fairness lies trampled or crumpled.

Plowing movements from street corners to parliament halls are rending skies with slogans of honesty and simple life's way to be restored in pure and undiluted forms.

It's better to admit we don't understand; than to torture the hopeless, we are waiting for peace on earth daring to hold your breath.

Recognizing fair from the foul and live in peace, Life is supposed to be like a sliver, but acting out of the law if we dare to be empty of crimes action, life is being taken bigger than death.

I wrote this poem on 14th of June 2022. This poems is about justice differs from races and religions with their codes of law and conduct. The feeling of injustice is wondering why you struggle, even after doing everything to be a kind and decent person, whereas, on the other side, people with ulterior motives thrive in society. The feeling that everyone regardless of their skin color, beliefs, and financial status should be treated equally. All malice has injustice at it's end, an end achieved by violence or by fraud; while both are sins that earn the hate of heaven, since fraud belongs exclusively to man, God hates it more and, therefore, far below, the fraudulent are placed and suffer most.
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