Catching Butterflies Poem by Guarded Heart

Catching Butterflies

Rating: 5.0

Running through a garden
So innocent and sweet
I see her smile running towards me
My book in my lap, her face in my hands
I kiss her cheeks and tell her i love her
As the tears fall on my face
She giggles and runs off to play
Running through the blossoms
As perfect as her skin
She's chasing the butterflies
As sweet as her kisses

I want to hold her hand
But i know that i can't
She's off in another land
The sky darkens and i hear her scream
I want to save her from her demons
But she can't see me, only reach for me
All at once i scream, as i'm wakened
From this dream, into creul reality

I'm here if you only knew that
She can't keep you for ever
One day i'll get you back
To you i swear that
And together we'll be in that garden
Chasing the butterflies together

My sister is one of the most precious things to me

Con Nie 16 April 2006

This is such a lovely poem. Your sister is so lucky to have you. Sincerely, Connie Webb

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The Sleeper 14 April 2006

Doll, this is truely good, so much emotion its freakin insane, i alomst had a tear.....yea

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Carl Peckett 14 April 2006

I can only say......WOW! that is so great!

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