Catching Snowflakes In The Sun Poem by JJ Evendon

Catching Snowflakes In The Sun

It’s amazing what people do
when snowflakes fall on top of you.
Some run and hide from the falling snow
whilst others make balls to throw.
Life is weird that way.
Catching snowflakes in the sun.

As they drift slowly down and fall around you,
look up and open your palms and let land a few.
try to catch their silence and serenity in your hand,
before they quickly melt and disappear
leaving drops like those from an emotional tear.
Catching snowflakes in the sun.

Open your mouth wide and let them land on your tongue.
Try to taste the essence from where they have come.
If heaven really exists, and is the place to be,
then you could be there in a dream, alone, floating free.
Magic aerial crystals dancing through the air.
Catching snowflakes in the sun.

Lie on the ground and you’ll be covered from head to toe
like everything around you in a blanket of snow.
Pretend to guide them towards you to the ground
by slowly moving your arms up and down.
For a brief moment a snow angel you’ve become.
Catching snowflakes in the sun.

Stand up and brush away the snow.
Then build a snowman for you to enjoy.
As the season changes, as it surely will,
no longer will you suffer from winter’s chill,
Instead enjoy every moment before it disappears.
Leaving sounds of snow whispers in your ears.

Monday, February 13, 2012
Topic(s) of this poem: Snow
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