Cats Are Lovable Little Creatures (This Poem Is A Joke! ! !) Poem by David DeSantis

Cats Are Lovable Little Creatures (This Poem Is A Joke! ! !)

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A daft feral kitten,
Is sitting on my stoop
Every day
Another attempt
To welcome to my boot.

Daft feral kittens,
Always my drive way,
Charged acceleration
And a kitty cat filet.

Daft feral kittens
Heed do not seem to take,
They shit on my hood,
Pee under it they make.

Daft Feral kittens,
13 are in her house,
Steel teeth I’ve loaded
and baited with a mouse.

Now less feral kittens
Pestering my car
2 have met their maker
11 aren’t far.

Daft feral kittens
I’m working on my game
A field goal is kicked
And a kitty rocket plane

A b.b. gun I’ve bought
And a sling shot in que
If that doesn’t work
Drowning’s an option too.

Daft Feral Kittens
Have tasted gasoline
The fourth is getting near
And fire works they’ve seen.

So Feral Kittens
Won't you join in the fun
A barbeque
some blackened fur,
And 13 now are none.

Copyright (C) David DeSantis

Lynda Robson 20 May 2008

I get the message David, you hate cats lol, a funny poem, hope its not true. Purrfect penning, Lynda xx

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Robert Howard 29 May 2008

Well! I'm just going to have give my Zoe a hug.

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Bethany Buhl 22 May 2008

Dude that's mean your gonna have to stay away from my cat and some cats are lovable little creatures, but dogs that another story. Some are cute and some you want to play with and then there are some that just bite you and bark at you and pee on you.

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R H 21 May 2008

me-owwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! ! ! Very Tom and Jerry esq - is this part and parcel of your cartoonish life? j xx

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~ Jon London ~ 20 May 2008

Go on my brother, the subject of how should I put it errmm Pussy, is never far away from a mans mind...after all this time Ive realised that a Dog is not a mans best friend at all....but I'll let you figure what i mean lol....fantastic write again my brother, I've always loved your approach to writing, there are no boundaries to your ability to write magically. Nice 1 bro...*10* sir best wishes Jon

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Jurietta Duraan 20 May 2008

Well, the title of your poem is due to attract the opposite kind of person who might enjoy this.... great write, David... I read it like a cartoon, then it is not so severe and simply art.... *

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