Hope Poem by David DeSantis


Rating: 3.6

Do you ever feel
that more is needed
to ease the grind
of the axe today?
Which tends to halt
all intuition
and put in line
creative display.

Do you ever dream
of a world of passion
where seamless seams
find there way
to ocean currents
that defy rhythm
and destroy boundaries
That we have made.

Do you ever want
to shear the linens
that cover the mental
corpse of decay
to defy gravity
and stand on airwaves
and think of things
that you should not say

Do you ever pursue
The dreams of your childhood
Lost in the garden
That you used to play
When hope was alive
In springs simple water
Cooling your senses
As a child in the rain.

Copyright (c) David DeSantis

Friday, October 3, 2008
Topic(s) of this poem: inspiration
Tai Chi Italy 03 October 2008

Yes I do, too frequently but like the title dictates...Hope is always out there. Drifting upon our minds imagination, is a poets store of inspiration, and we just have to dip our toes. Grinning at you, Tai

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Reshma Ramesh 03 October 2008

wow.....David......you ought to be proud of this.....it is great! !

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Ency Bearis 03 October 2008

a wonderful verses..an inspiring piece, , , great write... Ency Bearis

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Rakhi Jayashankar 03 October 2008

stand on airwaves And think of things That you should not say beautful lines 10+

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Tj Becker 03 October 2008

I more then liked this poem, you penned the feelings of many. Every word rang true.So glad I picked this to read first. Thanks for sharing.

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quite astounding piece you have here.

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Ben Gieske 31 January 2009

I also like the format you chose for this poem. It reads with a very lyrical rhythm. The rhyming works at very nicely and your have some inner rhymes wich add to the flavor of the poem and are not overly evident. A pleasant picture and memory to end the poem. Well done.

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Rebel Heart 09 November 2008

I'm keeping this one David... the simplicity and innocence that comes across in the final stanza is resounds. The flow, the phrasing, the images...I love it all. Heading straight[ back to the top to re read. jxx

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Onelia Avelar 09 October 2008

The poem is composed in a wonderful manner, the question form involves one at once in the depth of the self-analyzing labyrinth, marked by fundamental verbs: to feel, to dream, to want, to pursue... The rhythm is perfect. I like the second and the last stanza very much, 'the world of passion where seamless seams...'etc. Hopefully this 'Hope' will get in the Top 500! BR, one

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Anita Atina 07 October 2008

To be as a child in the rain, revelling in the now! Wonderful poem David

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