My Personal Cocaine Poem by David DeSantis

My Personal Cocaine

Rating: 3.2

I’d love to swim in a sea of you,
Or Better yet
Your private sea.
For it’s quite amazing
how I feel nothing,
Unless of course it pertains to you.

You're like a stimulant without a pill,
A drug upon consumption
And its funny how when you leave
My nose bleeds a little.

Original Unknown Girl 17 June 2008

Sounds like you've been kidnapped by that thing called love! ! ! How divine, there's no better addiction, for sure... HG: -) xx

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Tai Chi Italy 17 June 2008

This is absolutely fabulous David and described exactly how having someone love you equally, makes you feel! I remember it well and can say that all adversity that I met along the way, was nothing with My Personal Cocaine by my is a wonderful gift. Very inspiring too it seems! Smiling, having just finished my final exam and am a free as Tai can be. great first read of my day.

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Lynda Robson 17 June 2008

Great poem David, love is the the best addiction to have,10 Lynda xx

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An analogy perfectly carried through.... and I hope you get your next fix soon. :) t x

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Onelia Avelar 17 June 2008

Is this a love poem? It seems so -a weird love poem - I like the closing last line very much!

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Sharon Goodwin 03 October 2008

Damn! That sounds like a person I need. I like this one.

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Emancipation Planz 22 June 2008

I see the highlight.. where one must sniff....10derly...

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angelianne 1012 19 June 2008

great poem mate! ! ! ! ur addicted to that thing called 'love'..that is so cute..definetely deserves a 10....

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~ Jon London ~ 18 June 2008

Amazing bro, absolutely amazing........may the highs of love bring shaky thighs and dizzy eyes.......You never fail to amaze me...many fine poets have come to live in you bro..*10+ stacks of dishes Jon

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Jurietta Duraan 18 June 2008

wow wow wow... (again) - this is not about lovemaking ALONE but also about sensual VERY intimate being together.... VERY good.

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